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Our story


The beginning of the adventure

Yoann discovered Dakar and became passionate about this city during an International Corporate Volunteer Program in 2017.

Impressed by the expertise of the Senegalese tailors, he decided to team up with them in order to launch "Le Petit Dakarois" brand, and he invited Nil, Zaccarie and Vito to join him in this adventure. Together, they selected beautiful fabrics and assembled them to create their first collection.

Starting in 2018, we travelled to festivals and many other transient events in France and Senegal to introduce ourselves and commercialize our jackets.

May the adventure begin !


100% Made in Dakar

We made the choice of a local production in order to enhance the expertise of tailors we met in Dakar.

We were looking for a quality of gesture, an attention paid to each garment, for a unique and quality product. We were lucky enough to meet Boubacar, who, as the head of a family workshop, was ready to take over this challenge with us.

Since the beginning of the adventure, the team has grown a lot. Already three new seamstresses have been recruited and trained by Boubacar !

A double-faced jacket

Our jacket is reversible: one side is made of wax, it's colorful, summery and festive; the other side is more classic and made of plain cotton.

This jacket makes you travel and adapts to your desires: simply turn it over!


The solidarity project


We are committed to donate 10% of our profits to solidarity projects.

Our first project focuses on Kiniabour, the village of Vito, located in the north of Dakar. After various visits and discussions, in accordance with the village's chief and the village's youth charity, we decided to invest in the renovation of the dispensary, which turns out to be the only one in the surrounding area. Our contribution will be financial and will allow the purchase of the materials necessary for the repair. Our goal is to involve the different local stakeholders so that this project will be sustainable.

Join the adventure


We provided the dispensary with basic medical equipment:

Blood pressure monitors, scales, thermometers...


Our aim is to help the inhabitants of the village to extend and renovate the dispensary entirely, thanks to a financial participation.


Work in progress…

To be continued...