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Bomber jackets Loumpoul

Reversible bomber jacket

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Gift Card

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Reversible bomber jacket

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Reversible bomber jacket

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Reversible bomber jacket

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Laptop sleeve

Nio Far !

What does creating « Le Petit Darkois » aim for ?
Offering you a quality product that will make you travel. Our first creation is an ethical jacket made of wax. A timeless, reversible jacket, both plain and colorful.

Nio far, in Wolof, means “We’re together”.
Sharing is an essential value of Senegalese tradition. That's why we wanted to have an economic and social impact by promoting the exceptional expertise of Dakar's craftsmen and also by donating 10% of our profits to the solidarity charity of the Kiniabour village.

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Produced differently


Made in Dakar !

"Le Petit Dakarois" was born after the discovering of the Teranga country.

This brand was founded by four friends who fell in love with Senegal, its colours, its traditions and who were charmed by the local's expertise.

Local expertise

Our first collection is the result of a crossbreeding between Senegal and France.

Through our creations, we want to highlight local fabrics and expertise, and share our influences by working with a traditional fabric, wax, in the jacket's "western" and urban style.

Sustainable trade

Our brand's identity is:
ethical, civic-minded, and supportive.

From the purchase of the fabric, through its manufacture and sale, each stakeholder is paid in a fair and equitable way, with the aim of having a lasting impact on local craftsmanship. We wish to develop hand in hand with independent workshops. Our goal is to grow together. We wish to develop hand in hand with independent workshops. Our goal is to grow together.

Small scale assistance

By creating this brand, we want to have both economic and social impact on the Dakar region.

It is in this dynamic that we donate 10% of our profits to the Kiniabour village's charity, located a few kilometers away from Dakar. The first step is the renovation of the village’s dispensary. Vito (the brand's associate) is from this village and that's why is was important for us to support this project.